My-Serenity Home View Box




The MY-SERENITY “Home View” pack includes an IP HD day/night camera with integrated movement detection.

The MY-SERENITY camera is an internal IP camera with a cool design that adds another dimension to your MY-SERENITY system. This easy to install camera can be used as a standalone or with your “Home Control & Care” pack. It allows you view your home via video in real time, record on demand and catch the action in case of an alarm.


Remote monitoring

Adding a camera to your MY-SERENITY system, gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you can check on what is happening at home wherever you are. If you receive an intrusion alert or if you simply want to check that your children are home safely, the MY-SERENITY camera gives you the extra assurance you’re looking for.

Live streaming or video recording

After registering your MY-SERENITY camera, you can view live streaming video from your home or watch your recorded clips at any time on your computer or smartphone wherever you are in the world and with complete peace of mind thanks to the security offered by MY-SERENITY Home Manager.

Colour images

Integrated movement detection

Resolution 720p HD (1280 x 720) at 10 images per second

Night vision b/w from infrared LEDs

Ethernet or wireless network

“Privacy” button for when you are at home

Easy to install yourself