Case studies and scenarios


The wireless motion detector is designed to identify movements in the area it protects. When adding it to your MY-SERENITY Home Manager, you can benefit from increased security and greater coverage of motion detection within your home.

The basic kit comprises a very loud siren (104dB at 1 metre), which is integrated into the central unit.



The MY-SERENITY wireless smoke detector is an essential accessory to enhance the security of your home. In the event that smoke particles are detected in the air, an alarm is triggered and an alert is sent to all contacts.

Flood Warning!

Protect your property and your goods with the wireless flood detector by adding it to your MY-SERENITY “Home Control & Care” system. It triggers the alarm when the detection probe comes into contact with water.


Baby is awake

By adding the camera to your MY-SERENITY system, you can rest easy knowing that wherever you are, you can see what happens in your home, even at night thanks to night mode.

Grandma has opened the medicine cabinet

In addition to triggering alarms for intrusion-related events, the opening contact, like the motion detector, allows you to monitor all activities within your home and that even when the alarm is not activated.


Aunty Stella fell down the stairs

The MY-SERENITY pendant is an accessory that gives the holder quick and convenient access to call for help. At a touch, a medical alarm is sent to all contacts.

Before arriving at the cottage

The intelligent socket offers remote control of electrical appliances in your home and an overview of their energy consumption.