70.00 CHF

  • Required: pack Home Control & Care
  • Maximum of 15 devices (excluding IPCAM) connected to the pack Home Control & Care

The MY-SERENITY Keypad (also named Remote Keypad) lets you arm and disarm your property via an access code. You can give your neighbours or friends access to your home by allocating them their own unique access code, which means you know who has activated or deactivated your system. You can also create a temporary access and delete it at any time when you decide it is no longer required.

Easy to add and wireless

You can add several keypads to give greater flexibility. For example, a 1st keypad installed next to the main entrance and a 2nd next to the back door will give you more time to deactivate the alarm. A keypad is an efficient way of allowing several people to activate or deactivate your alarm.

Additional functionality

The keypad also includes buttons to rapidly trigger alert messages for fire, medical services and panic/SOS.

Main features:

  • On/off and home functions
  • Fire, medical services and emergency call alerts
  • Allocate users easily
  • Wireless
  • Easy and quick to add to your existing system

User guide