Door contact

35.00 CHF

  • Required: pack Home Control & Care
  • Maximum of 15 devices (excluding IPCAM) connected to the pack Home Control & Care

The MY-SERENITY wireless door contact has a multitude of uses in the “smart” home. Several door contact can be added to your MY-SERENITY “Home Control & Care” pack to enhance the security of your home or to monitor when doors are opened, whether they are wardrobe doors or the doors of a medicine cabinet. Enjoy the benefits of a smart home such as:

Home security

The door contact lets you know when a door or window is open or closed. Add it to your MY-SERENITY system and when it is in “active system” mode an intrusion alarm is triggered each time the sensor recognises that the door or the window is open.

Take care of your elderly relatives and children

In addition to triggering alarms for events such as intrusions, the door contact, like the movement detector, lets you monitor all activity inside your house even when the alarm is not active. You can be notified, for example, if a door is open while you children or an elderly relative are at home or if the door of the medicine cabinet has been opened. You can set your own alerts to be notified of such events.

Main features:

  • Wireless
  • Easy and quick to add to your existing system

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