Movement detector with camera

185.00 CHF

  • Required: pack Home Control & Care
  • Maximum of 15 devices (excluding IPCAM) connected to the pack Home Control & Care
  • Maximum of 3 Movement Detectors with camera (PIRCAM) connected to the pack Home Control & Care

A movement detector reacts to movements but also to airflow and temperature changes, even an animal. All those things could lead to a false alarm. A movement detector with camera, known as PIRCAM, will send you an alert and 3 photos taken one after the other. This should give you peace of mind. Moreover, you can generate 1 photo via your online account by setting up a trigger.  For example, when the system is switched off by the keypad.

Pets allowed

Like the standard movement detector, this detector is designed to filter the movement of animals weighing up to 17kg, domestic cats and dogs will not set off the alarm. It should be noted, however, that the pet detection area is the floor, animals that climb onto furniture or jump may set off the alarm. But this is not too important as, in this case, you will have your pet’s photo!

Main features:

  • Colour images
  • Pets allowed
  • Wireless
  • Easy and quick to add to your existing system

User guide