My-Serenity Home Control & Care Box




The pack “Home Control & Care” is a complete, wireless solution allowing you to monitor everything that happens at home.

This solution will turn your home into a real “smart home”. Extremely easy to install and use, this is much more than a simple security system for your home because it doesn’t simply safeguard your house, it also allows you to control and monitor your home remotely.


The MY-SERENITY Home Manager service allows you to control your system securely from your online account and thus monitor your home from anywhere in the world via your computer or smartphone. It is a completely automated system which can also be used with a standard keyboard and a keyfob.

A home security solution with alerts on your smartphone.

Once you have registered your pack “Home Control & Care” online, you will receive alerts and notifications about your home 24/7. Depending on the detectors and other accessories added to your system, you receive alerts about intrusions, calls for help, fires, floods and much, much more. Alerts are sent to you by email and thus you are aware of everything happening at home. You can also customise the events that you are notified about by setting up triggers thus adapting the system to your requirements.


Flexibility: wireless and easy to install for a “smart” home.

The pack “Home Control & Care” is wireless which means not only is it easy to install but also you can add extra detectors anywhere in your house. The range of detectors and other accessories adds a whole new dimension to your system. For example, add cameras to see what’s happening in your house and access them via the MY-SERENITY “Home View” service.

Indulge yourself and evolve your MY-SERENITY system!

Check, control and monitor securely and remotely

Security, control and monitoring in one box

Products and services to extend the system and create a “smart home”

Connect easily via a modem. Possible back-up GPRS transmission.

Supports up to 20 detectors and accessories, including 4 movement detectors with camera.

Sends personal alerts and notifications by email

Wireless easy-to-install system

Internal alarm (siren) of 104dB

centrale box domotique avec sirène
détecteur de fumée et incendie

1 panel (Gateway) with Ethernet module and GPRS, integrated siren

contact d'ouverture avec alarme
détecteur inondation