General information

  • How long does the siren sound for when there is an alarm?

    Unless the gateway is disarmed following an alarm, the internal siren will sound for 3 minutes.

  • Do I have to sign a contract for the monitoring?

    Yes, you do have to sign up to for subscription. The service is available upon registration of the relevant products.

  • Do I pay for each alert sent?

    You do not pay for each alert message that is sent. Instead you pay a monthly subscription that will cover the messaging costs, the servers’ room, the MY-SERENITY Home Manager up-to-date Web Platform and Apps (IOS and Android). If you are not subscribed to a paid for service, you will not be able to use your MY-SERENITY system.

  • What happens if I move home?

    In terms of your engagement with Safe Home that is absolutely no issue. Your contract is personal and you can simply move the system with hardware and subscription to the new location. It is your responsibility to update your profile on your online account MY-SERENITY Home Manager and to inform the MY-SERENITY support center (support@my-serenity.ch or 0848 248 222). If you would require more components to your new home, the existing system can easily be extended on www.my-serenity.ch

  • Will the MY-SERENITY system work abroad?

    Yes, your system will work abroad. You will just need to have an electrical adapter.

  • Are there any phone costs?

    A regular telephone line is not required. The communication between your system and the servers room goes over your broadband connection (IP) and/or the GPRS network (optional). As using GPRS network in option, additional cost may apply.

  • What web browsers are supported?

    • Internet Explorer (from 9.0)
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Google Chrome
    • Safari
    • Others may work but are not officially supported
  • What is included in the pack “Home Control & Care?

    • 1 x control panel (or “gateway”)
    • 1 x keypad
    • 1 x movement detector with inbuilt camera (or “PIRCAM”)
    • 1 x door contact
    • 1 x smoke detector
    • 1 x water sensor


    In addition, the pack contains a power supply and an Ethernet cable. A fixing pack is supplied with adhesive pads and screw fixings. Note: this bag also contains the magnetic part of the door contact.

  • Does the basic kit contain a siren?

    Yes, the basic kit contains a siren, which is integrated in the panel.

  • How loud is the siren in the control panel?

    The siren is very loud (104dB at 1 metre).  When testing the alarm you may wish to turn the internal siren off if you are stood in close proximity to the panel. The siren should be loud enough to be heard throughout a typical home and warn intruders that the alarm has been activated.

  • How many accessories can I add?

    The MY-SERENITY panel will support up to 20 accessories altogether but a maximum of 4 movement detectors with inbuilt camera (IP camera not included).

  • Can I purchase additional accessories?

    All of the MY-SERENITY branded products and accessories are available on www.my-serenity.ch and are designed to work together so once you have your pack MY-SERENITY “Home Control & Care” set up, additional accessories can easily be added to expand your home network.

  • Does it contact the police?

    Your MY-SERENITY system will NOT contact the police. Instead of indiscriminately alerting the police to every event at your house, your system will give you the information and ability to judge for yourself whether an event is serious enough to call the police. This method gives you the power to decide and does not waste police time with false alarms.

  • Can I turn my alarm on and off remotely?

    Yes, you can completely control your MY-SERENITY system through your online account, which you can access via your computer or smart phone.

  • Is the system accessible anywhere?

    Once your system has been registered and your online account has been set up you can access it via your computer or smartphone. This means that you have full control of your system including all your account details, system settings, etc. from anywhere in the world where you can access the Internet.

  • I have pets, will they cause false alarms?

    Certain types of movement detectors are designed to be pet friendly so pets will not normally set off your alarm. The sensor is designed to filter out the movement of pets weighting up to 17kg, the average domestic dog or cat will not generate an alarm. However, the pet friendly area is located near to the ground so pets climbing on furniture could still trigger an alarm.

Technical information

  • What happens if the power goes down?

    MY-SERENITY system is using battery power so there is no risk of alarm failure as a result of power failure. Most accessory detectors use non-rechargeable high-capacity lithium batteries, in either AA or half-AA format, at 3 or 3.6V. Exceptions are the smoke detector and water sensor which use standard AA alkaline cells. The two are not interchangeable, and inserting the wrong batteries will render the device inoperable. Each separate system component does not use any power when inactive, so the battery life is extremely long.

  • Why do I need to switch on the battery if the mains power is connected?

    It is important to have the battery switched on and the mains power connected in case of a mains power failure. The battery is then used as a back-up power source, allowing the panel to function as normal for a limited time after the mains failure.  It is possible an intruder could cut the power supply to your home.  If this happens your system will function as normal.

  • How long do the batteries in the accessories last?

    Battery life will vary according to the type of accessory and its usage.

  • What happens if the batteries run out completely?

    You will be alerted if the batteries of your sensors run out via your online account.

  • I’ve lost the user guide, where can I get a new one?

    You can download a pdf version of the user guide on the Ordering menu, under each product.

  • Does my computer need to be on for the system to work?

    No, your system will work regardless of whether your computer is on or not.

  • Is the IP camera wireless?

    The camera is wireless but needs to be connected to the mains powers supply. You will also need to have a wireless router as the camera communicates via the router not to the control panel.

  • I want to install video surveillance, but I am worried about privacy. Will anyone else be able to see our homes via video cameras?

    The only people that will be able to see the images from the camera are those to whom you gave granted permission. You can do this in the settings of your online account.

  • Can I connect multiple cameras?

    Yes, up to four cameras (IP Cam) can be connected to your system.

  • The alarm light stays on after an alarm activation. Why?

    After there has been an alarm triggered at the property the middle LED (LED 2) will remain lit (solid red) until the event has been cleared from the control panel’s memory. During an alarm this light will flash to indicate that an alarm is in progress and when the alarm has been reset it remains lit to let you know that there has been an event, even though the event may have been responded to remotely. The light can be cleared by pressing the learn button (10 seconds) on the back of the control panel.

  • My panel is broken, what should I do?

    In the unlikely event that your panel malfunctions, if it is within warranty then we will replace it for you free of charge.

  • What happens when there is a power failure or loss of Internet?

    Your panel has an 8 hour battery back-up so in the event of a power failure your system will continue to function normally for this length of time. You will also be notified via your online account of the power failure so you can restore the mains power if possible. Your pack MY-SERENITY “Home Control & Care” is also offered with the SIM card option, which acts as a back-up to your broadband connection. In the event of a fault with your broadband connection your panel will use the GPRS connection to send alert notifications. You will be notified of the fault with your broadband connection via your online account, giving you the opportunity to restore the connection. If your panel has to use the GPRS connection to dial out to relay information to your online account, you may be charged for these data transmissions. It is therefore important that you endeavour to restore your broadband connection a soon as possible after you have been notified of the broadband failure.

  • Where is best to position my panel?

    Your panel needs to be located near a mains power supply.  As the panel communicates over your broadband connection, it needs also to be located near your router. As you may choose (option) the 2nd transmission (back-up) over the mobile network (similar to that used by your mobile phone) signal strength may need to be considered. Therefore it is important not position your panel in a place where you know mobile signal strength might be weak, for example, in the basement of your home.

  • What is the range of the sensors?

    The sensors are wireless and able to send signals back to the control panel up to a distance of 30m away. However, this is only a guideline and may vary from property to property. Typically, older properties have thicker walls and this may reduce the signal strength and shorten the range of the sensors. It is recommended that you test each sensor before you fix it in place to make sure that it can communicate with the panel effectively at your chosen location.

  • What is the default PIN number for my keypad?

    The Default number is 1234.  You can, and should for security reasons, change this.  You can do this in the Alarm Users settings section in Home Control.

  • How will I know if the system is operating normally?

    The bottom LED (LED 3) on your panel will be a steady green, and you will see regular system auto tests in your online event log.

  • Which batteries does the keypad use?

    The keypad uses one CR2450 3V 540mAH lithium battery.

  • What do the different LED’s on the panel mean?

    LED 1 (top) shows the panel is powered (mains) i.e. it is operational and will show four different states:

    Green on – system is powered but disarmed.
    Green flash – system is in learn mode.
    Red on – system is armed in the away state
    Red flash – system is armed in the home state


    LED 2 (middle) is normally unlit.

    Red on – Alarm in memory
    Red flash – Alarm in progress
    Yellow on – Sensor Check Failure
    Yellow flash – No AC power. The panel is running on battery


    LED 3 (bottom) is steady green under normal circumstances.  If it shows yellow (steady or flashing) there is a problem with the transmission over your broadband connection or the SIM card (no service). If so, please contact MY-SERENITY support center.

  • What batteries does the key fob take?

    The key fob uses one CR2032 230mAh 3V lithium battery.

  • What batteries does the door contact take?

    The door contact uses one half-‘AA’ sized 3.6V lithium battery.

  • I’ve just powered up my keypad, how do I know it’s working?

    If the battery is working correctly then pressing any button will light LED 1 for 5 seconds.

  • How does the panel communicate with the other accessories in my home?

    The panel communicates with the rest of the devices in your home on the 868MHz FM frequency reserved for alarm systems.  This frequency is less susceptible to interference from other wireless devices you may have in the home.

  • I have just tried to add the sensor to my system and I can’t get it to ‘learn’ correctly as it’s not showing in My Equipment in my account. What can I do?

    First of all check the sensor.  Ensure the battery insulator tab has been fully removed and check that the case of the sensor is not open or damaged.  To check the battery is working press the button on the front of your sensor, it should flash when pressed.  If this doesn’t happen then you need to contact us regarding a replacement. If you have just activated your sensor/changed the battery, leave it for a few minutes after powering it up so that it can settle into normal operation.  Go through the ‘learn’ process again and ensure that the sensor is within range of the panel.

  • What does the LED on the front of my door contact indicate?

    The LED on the front of the sensor will flash when pressed as this is also the button used to ‘learn’ the sensor into your panel.  When you first power the sensor by removing the battery tab (or add a new battery) the LED will flash to indicate that it is powering up.  It will continue to flash for approximately 20 seconds.  Upon powering up the sensor you should leave it for about a minute so that it can settle into normal operation.

  • Why does the LED on the front of my movement detector not light in normal operation?

    In low light the PIRCAM will flash only when it takes an image.  The LED indicator of normal movement detector does not light under normal circumstances.

  • Which batteries does the movement detector use?

    The movement detector uses two ‘AA’ sized 3.6V lithium battery.

  • What should I do if I don’t hear the beeps as described when setting up (calibrating) my smoke detector?

    The smoke detector may take some time to properly calibrate with its environment.  If you do not hear the correct beeps after the time indicated in the set up guide, ensure that the device is in range and then restart the learning process.  If this still does not work then send an email at support@my-serenity.ch or call the support number for assistance.

  • Where should I avoid placing my movement detector?

    Facing windows or light sources, sources of heat or draft. Facing stairs.

  • Which batteries does the smoke detector use?

    The smoke detector uses 3 standard ‘AA’ sized 1.5V alkaline batteries.

  • Will my smoke detector let me know when the batteries are low?

    You will be notified through your online account that the batteries are low in your device. The device itself will also beep intermittently to give you an audible notification that the batteries are running low.

  • Can I use my sensors outdoors?

    No, they are not water proof.

  • Which batteries does the water sensor use?

    The water sensor uses 4 standard ‘AA’ sized 1.5V alkaline batteries.

  • Can the gateway be connected to WiFi?

    No, the gateway must be connected via Ethernet to a working internet connection at all times. Or it must have an active SIM card with GPRS data enabled inserted. The gateway can also be connected to Ethernet and have a SIM card inserted.

  • Do I need to do anything after entering Wi-Fi settings in the camera?

    Yes, after entering wireless network details in the Home View section the camera must be restarted to switch it over from Ethernet to WiFi. To do this, remove the power and Ethernet cables then re-insert the power cable only.

  • Do I need a broadband connection?

    Yes, you will need a broadband connection in order to enable the monitoring functionality of your MY-SERENITY and be able to register, access and control your system online via your account.

  • Do I need a landline?

    You don’t need a landline.  But you can add a SIM card (GPRS data) in your control panel as an optional backup to your broadband connection. If your broadband fails then the panel will send information to your account via the GPRS network. Please note that the SIM card is an option that will be charged.