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Type of serviceCHF 5.-/ Month
Home Control & Care
CHF 5.-/Month
Home View
Web PlatformApps
View current statusok okYesYes
Control system: arm away, arm home, disarm ok ok
(arm home n/a)
Control internal siren: on, off ok nokYesYes
Energy consumption via smart plugs ok nokYesNo
Change entry/exit delay setting ok nokYesNo
Enable/disable entry/exit sounds ok nokYesNo
View History log of events ok okYesYes
Add alarm user (PIN and/or keyfob) ok nokYesNo
Delete alarm user (PIN and/or keyfob) ok nokYesNo
Edit alarm user details (PIN and/or keyfob) ok nokYesNo
Add contacts to contacts list from friends list ok okYesNo
Change order of contacts ok okYesNo
Delete contacts from contact list ok okYesNo
Scheduled and customisable Alert Email Triggers ok okYesNo
Sensor activity recorded ok nokYesYes
Sensor activity chart display ok nokYesNo
Control individual sensor settings ok nokYesNo
Burglar Alert Email Messages ok okYesYes
Fire, Panic, Medical, Flood Alert Email Messages ok nokYesYes
Select camera* ok okYesYes
Start Live Stream* ok okYesYes
Stop Live Stream* ok okYesYes
Start recording of clip* ok okYesYes
Enter wifi network settings* ok okYesNo
View clip* ok okYesYes
Delete clip* ok okYesNo

* must have a Pack Home View or IP Cam