MY-SERENITY, offered by SAFEHOME, a Protectas Group company, is a connected solution with a “Do-It-Yourself” range of wireless home security products.

A company of

It allows users to remotely control and monitor the status of wirelessly connected home security products from a PC, smartphone or tablet using apps for IOS and Android

Who needs our products?

If you want... your home
...control my home while I am away
...keep an eye on my children or an elderly person
...protect my business

As a simple system to install itself, the My-Serenity products are made for you!

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Home Control & Care

This solution will turn your home into a real “smart home”.

Extremely easy to install and use, this is much more than a simple security system for your home because it doesn’t simply safeguard your house, it also allows you to control and monitor your home remotely

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Control your house and stay connected!

The Home Manager

Simple, safe and easy to use, it enables you to install your package, to set your notifications and control your system from your computer or smartphone.

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The smartphone application

Wherever you are, access your My-Serenity system from your smartphone through our application for iPhone and Android.

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